Barely Lethal // Review


Barely Lethal, released in April 2015, is about a secret agent organisation that trains young orphans to become lethal agents. They train them young so they only know this life and have no personnal attachments that could cloud their judgement while on a mission. One of those agents, Agent 83, notices what she’s missing in a normal life while on missions. She starts watching movies and reading magazines to try to connect with the real world. When she drops in the water while on mission and her boss tries to contact her to know if she’s still alive, she doesn’t respond and instead runs away to live a normal life.

I found this movie slightly cringy at some points, but the majority of the cringy parts are because she doesn’t know how to act in a normal society. I also think she could’ve avoided a lot of her problems if she had taken different decisions, for example, she could’ve easily known about Agent 84 being a threat if she had told her boss immediately that she had seen her. Personally, if I had been told the agent that hates me the most had been assigned to make sure I was safe, I would’ve mentionned something as soon as possible. Other than that, I really enjoyed seeing Sophie Turner (Sensa Stark in Game of Thrones) in a more badass role. It really suited her. It was still a fun movie, not one that I would watch again, but I don’t regret watching it.


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