My stubborn 3 year old

You know how every parent talks about the terrible twos? Well my son didn’t have much of a terrible two phase and we were so happy about that. He’s been such a good boy ever since his birth. He never gave us trouble. Until now. He is currently 3 and a half years old and he is testing all kinds of limits.

During the summer, he started hitting us when we would tell him no to things. I think we’ve managed to make him stop doing that last month. I’m not sure since so much more attitude has piled up on top, but I know it took us a while before getting him to stop hitting. Now though, he’s at a point where if he doesn’t feel like doing it, he’s not doing it. He doesn’t feel like cleaning up? He won’t do it. He doesn’t feel like saying sorry? He won’t do it. He doesn’t feel like getting dressed? He won’t do it. It’s so crazy!

We never had to take away privileges before. He could always get a cookie from Tim Horton’s when we went there, he could always get a Yop when we went grocery shopping, he could always bring a car or a book with him in bed at night. We never had to say no to something he wanted because he had always been a good kid and deserved it all. Until now. Now, he’s fighting absolutely every little thing we ask him to do. No matter how big or small our request is, he fights it. Last night, I had to take away his car in bed because he wouldn’t lay down properly. It’s the stupidest thing ever, but we’re to a point where we just have to teach him a lesson.

We’ve decided that no matter how big or small our request is, if he doesn’t do it, he loses a privilege. I’m thinking of making some kind of chart with images of what his privileges are and cross off the ones he’s lost. I’m not sure if I should do it this way or make him earn them. Since we’ve never needed him to earn them, I feel like it would have a bigger impact if we take them away. We’ll see. All I know is, we have to be way more strict them usual for some time because I’m really not liking his testing the limits like that.

Like I told my SO the other day. My son had just shut himself in his room because we had told him no to something and my SO was looking at me with a smile. When I asked him what he was thinking he said our son had my temper. Well I answered him “He’ll learn very soon that I’ve had more experience with that temper so he’s not going to win any battles with me” and I intend on keeping that word. I just want my sweet baby back.


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