New Year’s Resolution

“New Year, new me” is a cliché everyone is tired of hearing because everyone says it and pretty much nobody respects it. This is why I’m not saying “new year, new me”, I’m saying “I’m going to take better care of me this year”.

I’ve been feeling like crap for so long and I’m never doing anything about it because I didn’t know what to do. Well, now that I know I’m depressed, I can finally do something about it. I can tackle my problem knowing which way to go to fix it. I’ve known for about 2-3 months that I’m depressed, but since I had so much work at school, I haven’t been able to sit down and figure my next move so I’ve just been getting worse and worse.

This is why I’ll be starting my year by taking some time to myself before the next semester and figure out an action plan to get better. This year, I’m going to work out and eat well to take care of my body, because one of the things that isn’t helping me feel good is my body. I am also going to force myself to do things that make me happy without feeling guilty about it, because, yes, I feel guilty when I do things I like because I feel like I could’ve been doing something more productive. I will also get off my lazy ass more often to keep my place clean, because I feel awfull when it’s not clean since it reminds me of how lazy I am.

This year I will change myself for the better. Not necessarily my personnality or how I think so it’s not a “new year, new me” scenario like I said. I will only change the aspects of my life that make me miserable. I will take better care of myself this year, because I need to take better care of myself.


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