Fault Milestone One // Review


Fault Milestone One is a visual novel that came out in August 2013. In this “game” you read the story of Ritona and Selphine. There is only one choice for you to make, and it doesn’t change the story at all. It is an extremely interesting story and I got hooked really fast. Selphine is the princess of Rughzenhaide and Ritona is her royal bodyguard. They get attacked one day and need to use magic to escape the castle. They end up somewhere completely different than where they were supposed to end up and soon find out they’re in a part of the world where magic is not easily accessible like back in their home.

From this place where they can’t use magic, they have to learn this town’s scientific ways to be able to find someone to help them get back home. They go through many small adventures and discover a mystery hovering over their new friend Rune. They put on hold their plans of going home as fast as possible to figure out what is going on in this small town that seems to hold a dark history.

I do recommend this visual novel to people that enjoy this time of game, since there is no gameplay and you simply sit back and read a story with beautiful images. I got so hooked on the story and it ends on such a cliffhanger that I immediately bought the second game and played through it as fast as I could. Now, I’m simply waiting on the next game!


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