Fault Milestone Two Side: Above // Review


In Fault Milestone Two Side: Above, Selphine, Ritona and Rune cross the waters to arrive in a new town on the edge of the side where magic is more present. They find a young tour guide that Ritona is reticent to trust. He brings them all over town to places that have what they need. He then brings them in a part of the town that is under water so that they can stay at the nicest hotel. There, their tour guide is treated badly and Selphine and Ritona don’t understand why. They pay their guide and ask him to meet them the next day because they still needed him. The next day is when everything goes wrong. So wrong, that Selphine needs to summon a state that the royal family is cursed with because of the Path Down.

I was super sad that we didn’t get as much Ritona action this time around, but I really enjoyed how the story turned out. I also didn’t feel like there was a resolution to this episode’s problem, and I’m sad that we probably won’t get that resolution in the next game because the next game will revolve around Ritona’s past, but I still really enjoyed the story. I laughed and cried a lot and there was so many revelations. I just still stand by my opinion that this series of visual novel is one of the best so far.


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