Preggoland // Review


Preggoland, released in September 2014, follows a 35 year-old woman that works as a cashier in a grocery store and spends her time getting drunk and partying. When her friends, who all have babies and are moving on from their partying ways, act like they’re going to dump her, she pretends to be pregnant. Realising her huge mistake, she calls one of her friends and pretends like there’s something wrong and plans on saying she had a miscarriage. But when her new manager brings her in to fire her and her friends interrupt to ask her if the baby is okay, the manager backs up on his decision to fire her since she’s pregnant and she decides to keep pretending. As expected, while she pretends to be pregnant she gets her life back on track and starts going out with her manager.

I found this movie really strange. First of all, it reminded me way too much of Labor Pains. You know, that movie Lindsay Lohan starred in that came out in 2009 and was about a woman pretending to be pregnant to keep her job? Yeah… Seen that story before. I thought maybe Preggoland would take a somewhat different turn, but it didn’t. It was even worse than Labor Pains. Honestly, if you want to watch a movie about a woman pretending to be pregnant, I recommend Labor Pains. Sadly, Preggoland did not make the cut in my must watch movies.


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