Lifeline // Review + New Book


Written by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Lifeline is a book about space colonies that are suddenly cut off from Earth after a big war. With their main source for supplies ripped from them, each colony finds different ways to survive. After days of pondering, the Aguinaldo colony finds a way to reach Orbitech 1 to bring them their wall-kelp food. They also find a way to send some to Clavius Base on the moon.

The story follows mostly Ramis, a young boy that loves adventures, Clancy, an engineer stuck on Clavius Base with his crew, McLaris, an Orbitech 1 manager that deserted the place with the last remaining shuttle to save his daughter, and Brahms, the activer commander of Orbitech 1. Each of them have a certain role to play in the survival of the space colonies and each of them take on their role in a different manner.

It was quite an interesting read. It was way longer than expected, but I enjoyed it. The story had a bit of a slow pace, which made it hard to read at times, but it ended on such a high note that I couldn’t tear myself away from the book near the end. If you like stories about people living in space, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Lifeline a lot.



In February I’ll be reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling. I know it’s not what I said I would read next after Lifeline, but I bought this book almost the day it released and I just can’t wait anymore to read it!





I’ll be reading Mythology 101 from Jody Lynn Nye in March


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