My First Weeks of Training

On the 9th of January I started working out every day. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would run on the treadmill and on Tuesday and Thursday I would do a dance workout (Fitness Marshall on youtube). I also did two reps of 5 sit-ups (which is a lot for me with my super belly condition) and 10-15 squats. I’m going to admit that I did miss a couple of days during the last three weeks. There are days that I just really did not feel up to working out.

Even if I missed some days I’m super proud of myself for sticking with it as much as I did. It is way more than I used to do. From the 9th to the 20th it was pretty easy to do my work out because I stayed home all day, but I started school again on the 23rd and that week was harder than the others. I did only miss 2 days of the 5 even though I was more tired and feeling like crap than the other weeks, so I’m pretty proud of my performance.

Though I did workout pretty much as much as this summer, unlike this summer I did not lose on single pound. This summer, I was loosing 1-2 pounds per week, and now it’s been three weeks and I haven’t lost anything. It made me feel like utter crap this week and it might have been the hardest week so far so I did take a week off. I do feel bad because I feel like I’ve abandoned my goal, but I’m only regrouping. I’ll be coming back strong next week!


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