Hot Pursuit // Review


Hot Pursuit, released in May 2015, is a comedy film that follows a cop named Rose whose work ethic is too intense. Being allowed on the field for the first time since a silly incident, Rose finds herself needing to protect the wife of a cartel member, Daniella. They go through a series of adventures, slowly getting to know and like each other despite the fact that they can’t stand each other.

I was really interested with the movie because Reese Witherspoon stars in it and she’s one of my favorite actresses. I was also intrigued to see Sofia Vergara in a movie since I’ve never seen her act before. I saw interviews with the two together talking about the movie and the chemistry between the two was hilarious so I couldn’t wait to see the movie. I was not disapointed that’s for sure! They both portray they roles so perfectly that they’re both annoying and funny at the same time! Some traits of Reese’s caracter’s personnality would get on my nerves, so did Sofia’s caracter. But those annoying traits made for funny interactions. I’m also glad to say that I’ve never seen a story like this one before AND I couldn’t predict what would happen for once. Hot Pursuit is definitely a movie to watch.


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