Valentine’s Day Craft

I like doing themed crafts with my son and for Valentine’s Day I decided it was time we did one since we didn’t get the chance to do one for Christmas. I showed him three different crafts we could do and asked him to choose one. Here’s the one he chose:

What you will need:

  • A Cork Sheet (I actually used two because they were too slim for the pins to go in
  • Pins or nails (I used these pins because I felt it was easier to get the string to stay put)
  • Red String (or any color you want to make your heart)
  • A frame

The first step is to put the pins in the shape you want. I used a paper heart to outline with the pins because I’m terrible at making hearts.20170204_134116

Then it what my son’s turn to do stuff. I just tied the string to one of the pins, did one turn of the hear just in case we wouldn’t see it was a heart if I didn’t do that. Then I gave the string to my son and told him to just circle any pin he wanted as long as there was as much red as possible.


Final step is to tie up the last bit of string to one of the pins and put the whole thing in a frame! I had my SO cut the cork sheets to fit the frame and we had to take out the glass because it wouldn’t fit, but I really like the end result 🙂 It was a super easy and cheap craft (everything was bought at the dollar store) that my son enjoyed a bunch.



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