Valentine’s Day Prejudices

Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday, I thought I would share some prejudices I hate about that holiday.

First off, a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day because they say it just reminds them they’re single. Well news flash! Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Remember when you were a kid and you or your classmates would give out valentine cards to your/their friends? You can still do that! Well not necessarily give out gifts to your friends, but hang out with them, do something with your friends! Loving your friends is certainly a type of love you can celebrate on Valentine’s Day. You could also celebrate with that wonderfull family you love so much! Valentine’s Day is for all kinds of love, not just couple love.

Then there are some couples that actually find Valentine’s Day stressfull because they have to get their significant other a gift. Most of the jokes about this online we see are of men complaining about how Valentine’s Day is expensive because their girlfriends want so much. Well news flash (again)! Not all girls want the whole package for Valentine’s Day. Yes it is always nice to go out and eat with your loved one, but you can do that any day. Yes flowers and chocolates are always nice, but again, you can get that any day. Sometimes it’s as much fun just cuddling on the couch, watching a movie with your loved one while eating popcorn.

You also don’t need to go for the cliché gifts. If you really want to spend money and give something to your loved one for Valentine’s Day, then go for something a bit more personnal than flowers and chocolates (unless that’s something they really really love to get as gifts). For example, my Valentine’s gift was an Iced Capp and a boston cream donut from Tim Hortons. Super simple, not at all expensive and I loved it. While my SO chose to gift me this, what I gave him was something that I made, that didn’t cost me anything and that made him laugh.

The moral of this story is that you can enjoy Valentine’s Day with anyone you love, wether it’s friends, family or your SO, without spending any money and still have a wonderfull day.


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