Pixels // Review


Released in July 2015, Pixels is about Earth getting attacked by aliens. In 1982, footage of popular things from that year, including footage from the video game championship, was sent into space hoping to be intercepted by aliens and to show them who were the humans. 33 years later, Sam Brenner and Will Cooper (now the president of the United States) are faced with a pixelated alien attack. They find out that aliens did find Earth’s capsule but took it as a provocation. Now, Sam has to team up with his old friend Ludlow and Eddie, 1982 video game championship winner, to defend Earth and defeat the aliens.

I was super excited for this movie when I saw the trailer, but once it got out, it got so many bad reviews that I was scared to watch it. Thankfully, I don’t tend to let reviews keep me from watching movies that intrigue me. Good thing I did end up watching Pixels because I really enjoyed it. Yes it had it’s strange aspects, but I really laughed for most of the movie. I especially enjoyed Ludlow. He is such a socially awkward guy! For some it would be really cringy to watch him, but I found him so hilarious. Adam Sandler was pretty much his usual self. I do enjoy Adam Sandler as an actor, but I feel like he plays his caracters all the same no matter what the movie. I did like seeing Peter Dinklage in a new role. I’m so used to seeing him as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones that I sometimes forget how good of an actor he is. He slips in the douchy role of Eddie so well. This movie is on my movies-I-recommend list.


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