Scream Queens – S02 //Review


Scream Queens season 2 took place in a hospital owned by Munsch with the Chanels, Zayday and a new cast working there. Their hospital’s goal is to cure the incurable. Before they get us deep in the story of who’s the killer, the killer mostly focuses on killing the patients so that nobody comes to the hospital anymore. We got to see two new characters and an old one try to kill our usual cast and successfuly kill some patients. At some point, Hester comes back in the story and obviously knows who the killers are since she used to be one and knows the mindset. At first she kind of helps the others try to figure out who the killer is in exchange of some liberty, but then when the killers start arguing, she intervenes and coaches them.

I enjoyed this season even if it was slightly repetitive. A killer roaming the place, killing people and trying to kill the Chanels, Zayday getting kidnapped while trying to find the truth. Looks a lot like the first season. But the small details were what made this season different from the first one and made me enjoy it. We got to see a bit more of Libby (Chanel #5) and Sadie (Chanel #3)’s personalities which was great. They also both got a bit of story of their own. I felt bad for Libby because she was trying so hard but kept being put down by Chanel. I did cry at the end because Sadie didn’t get her happy ending with her man, but it was still great. I’m looking forward to seeing if there will be a third season, and if there is, I’m looking forward to seeing what they will do this time.


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