Ash vs. Evil Dead – S02 // Review


Following his deal with Ruby, Ash and company spent some time in jacksonville only to be forced back into the fight against evil when Ruby summons Ash after loosing control over her children. This season seemed to be seperated in three different stories. At first their trying to protect the Necronomicon against Ruby’s children so they don’t summon their father. When that fails, there’s a whole lot of episodes on the gang fighting off Baal, Ruby’s ex and a mind controler. Once they’ve dealt with him, Ash drunkenly brings his crew in the past to before he and his friends got to the cabin so that he can take the Necronomicon and make it so his past self never found it.

This season was full of laughs as usual and I really enjoyed the story. At one point it was really strange, stranger than it usualy is. But after some time it all made sense and I started enjoying the show again. This season did make me cry at some point, which I didn’t think would happen in this kind of series. There were a bunch of adventures and twists and turns before finally coming to an end where Ash thinks he’s won again. But, contrary to the first season, this season ended in a small cliffhanger so we know something’s going to happen again. I’m really looking forward to seeing what lovely story season 3 will be bringing us.


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