Switched at Birth – S05 // First Impression


Switched at Birth started off it’s fifth season at the end of January. The season starts with Bay being seriously ill while her and Daphne are in China. After spending some time recovering, Bay asks Daphne if they can stay longer. She says she didn’t get to experience China like she wanted too since she was sick. They end up staying a whole year with Travis coming to stay with them and beginning a relationship with Bay. When they hear bad news about Emmett, they travel back home and try to pick up their lives there where they left off.

Each season of Switched at Birth seems to tackle serious subjects and we can immediately see from the first episode what subjects they will focus on in this season. Emmett tried killing himself and learns there’s a history of depression in his family, so they’ll either focus on depression or it’s an excuse to see less of Emmett this season. Also, Mingo is called a racist after being seen dressed as Lil Wayne at a costume party. Even though he’s only dressed as Lil Wayne, he didn’t paint his face black, people are outraged. I do hope they won’t focus too much on that subject because it’s one that I find so stupid. I hate people that are offended too easily. Just that little part of the episode where people called him racist and were super outraged and said it was insulting made me so mad. I didn’t see any harm in what he did. It was a costume party, he dressed as his favorite artist, with no blackface. Where’s the harm? Anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing where Bay’s relationship with Travis goes now that they’re back home and Emmett is there. I’m intrigued where this season will go.


4 thoughts on “Switched at Birth – S05 // First Impression”

  1. Isn’t this supposed to be their last season? Anyway, I don’t like that whole Mingo thing as we, made me feel like they don’t have good ideas under their sleeve. But later on there is more about racism and it is an important topic just like everything else they have in the show.


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