Riverdale – S01 // First Impression


Netflix has a new series called Riverdale. It follows a group of teenagers in high school, mainly Archie, Betty and Veronica… Wait.. Those names ring a bell… OH.My.GOSH!! They made a series based on the Archie comics! How amazing is that? When I saw the trailer, I was super excited for this series! So here goes..

The first episode immediately throws us in the middle of the mystery that has surrounded Riverdale. Cherryl Blossom’s brother, Jason, has drowned. Everyone is in shock and Cherryl seems to be in denial or something because she’s barely acting like her twin brother just died. While that’s happening, the new girl in town, Veronica, makes friends with Betty and tries to reinvent herself by being nicer to people. We also see a younger Miss Grundy and a ripped Archie having some fun during summer. Somehow this relationship makes Archie want to compose music so he seeks out Josie and the Pussycats to mentor him. While all of this is happening, we get Jughead narrating everything because he’s writting a book about the Riverdale mystery.

Sooo many things happened in this episode that rethinking about it makes me wonder if things I’m thinking about happened in a different episode. Let’s start at the beginning. Cherryl Blossom is found and she says her brother drowned. Okay, Riverdale mystery started, not too bad. Then we see Jughead writting on his laptop at Pop’s while drinking coffee. Wait.. When did Jughead become a hipster? Now that’s weird.. Then Veronica arrives in town with her mother and we learn that her father is actually in jail. Strange, but I can get used to it. Archie wanting to be a musician now is completely normal since he has a band in the comics. But then we see a flashback from the summer with Miss Grundy bumping into Archie. DAMN Grundy! You’re waaaay younger than in the comics! Waiiiiit…. Are you and Archie doing what I think you’re doing?! Now THAT’S weird and I have a really hard time putting this detail aside.

So far I wasn’t quite sure I would keep watching. It all seemed a bit too weird for me, but then the end of the episode came… They found Jason’s body and he has a bullet hole in his head. Cherryl said he drowned so why is there a bullet hole in his head?! Right then and there, I got hooked. Every episode I have to forget the comics and imagine it’s a totally different world to fully enjoy what’s happening, but the story is so intriguing that it’s not hard to do. If you enjoy mysteries, I definitely suggest this show.


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