Kids Say the Darndest Things

From the first day of your baby’s life, new parents can look forward to many firsts and milestones with their new baby. The first smile, the first laugh, the first tooth, eating solids, walking, talking and many more. They are all wonderfull moments and treasured memories, but the one I was probably the most excited for was when my son would start talking. I was looking forward to this moment for so many reasons. The cuteness of hearing him try to talk, hearing the progress in his words and phrases, eventually finally being able to tell us what he wanted or what was wrong with him. And the most precious of them all, the wonderfully funny things he would say.

It is such a wonderfull thing hearing your son talk so much. Very annoying at times, but when you stop to think about the things he’s saying and asking, you quickly find out what makes him curious and what he likes most. All those never ending questions he can finally ask may become annoying, but I still love that he’s asking them. It means he wants to learn about his surroundings and it means that he’s a curious boy. I love that, but what I love most is the cute and funny remarks he says.

When he discovers things he can say the cutest of things about it, but he can also say the funniest things. For example, the first ever cute thing he said that I remember is when he saw the moon in the sky during winter. He was two years old and said “The moon is cold” and when I asked why he answered “The moon is outside so it’s cold”. It was so cute the way he said it! Other times, he can say the funniest things ever. For example, the other day he discovered his butt crack and said “Mommy! I farted so hard it went boom and now there’s a crack!” It made me laugh so much when he said it! I wasn’t sure I had heard right so I asked him if it was what he said and he agreed!

Kids definitely say the darndest things and I am keeping every quote like that he says in a little book with the date he said it, that way I won’t ever forget and I’ll be able to show him when he’s older.


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