Santa Clarita Diet – S01 // First Impression

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix original that released it’s first season on February 3rd. The story follows couple Sheila and Joel, who are two real estate agents, their daughter Abby and her weird friend Eric. While showing a house to some potential buyers, Sheila finds herself vomiting a huge amount of puke. She quickly reassures the potential buyers that they would get a cleaner to clean this immediately before retreating to a bathroom to keep vomiting. Once the couple has left, Joel goes back to the bathroom to check on his wife and finds her laying on the bathroom floor with the bathroom completely covered in vomit. He finds a small red ball that looks like some sort of organ on the floor and supposes his wife is dead. But then she wakes up as if she had just passed out, felling completely fine. They soon find out she has become some kind of zombie.

In the first episode, we jump right into the mystery with Sheila seeming perfectly normal, other than the fact that she eats raw meat. She also finds herself being more impulsive and just doing what ever it is she feels like doing, which is completely the opposite of what she was before her vomiting accident. We also see her first kill, which honestly almost made me puke. They didn’t quite hide her biting off parts of the person and then when they did sort of hide it, we still heard the gorry sounds. I absolutely love that they didn’t hold back on that part, even though I couldn’t watch and the sound almost made me puke haha. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it means that she ate a human. I’m also looking forward to see if they’ll figure out what’s actually going on with her and if they can cure her. As usualy, Netflix hasn’t disappointed me with it’s original content.


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