Vampire Diaries – S08 // Review


Season 8 of Vampire Diaries was, sadly, their last season. And it was an epic one. They took us through such a rollercoaster of emotions, it was amazing. There was happiness, sadness, scary moments, everything was there. I do believe they could’ve done a bit better with the last minutes of the finale, the epilogue. BUT it was still very satisfying.

The rollercoaster took us through Damon getting brainwashed and slowly forgetting his love for Elena. It took us through Bonnie trying to get back her love, Enzo. It took us through one of the worst death ever. Stefan killing Enzo. It took us through Stefan being a human and trying to atone for his crimes. It took us through Caroline and Stefan’s wedding, where I wanted to be happy so bad, but I kept stressing about what would happen. And finally, they brought us back Elena, but not before sacrificing Stefan to kill Katherine.

This season was probably the best and the worst at the same time. If you take each battle seperately, they were magnificent and super emotional. But when you squish them all together into one season, you feel like they may have done too much. I still very much enjoyed the ride, that’s for sure. They definitely went out with a bang. I really enjoyed the last episode. They brought back all the major caracters that had died throughout the series for small appearances. It made me cry so much and I had chills the whole time. They even had Claus send a letter to Caroline. I was super sad that Stefan died so soon after finally getting married to Caroline, but I do believe it was the best for him. I don’t think he would’ve been completely happy, having to live with the memories of what he did when he was the ripper. When Caroline got the letter from Claus, I remembered him telling her that he would be her last love, no matter how long it would take. I’m really hoping we’ll see her appear in The Originals. It would just make things so perfect. All in all, season 8 of Vampire Diaries was epic and awesome. Vampire Diaries, the series, stepped away from the books completely to become something of it’s own, and I’m not sad about it. It was one of my most favorite series ever, for sure.


P.S. The one thing I really loved from the epilogue was the fact that Damon got to see Stefan again and greeted him the same way he did in season one. “Hello brother” XD


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