Santa Clarita Diet – S01 // Review

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet is about a woman who dies in a mysterious way and becomes a zombie. While she tries to discreetely kill people to eat, her husband tries to find clues about her condition to understand it and see if there’s a cure.

This series was super interesting. I’m not one to like when movies or tv shows change the lore of monsters that have existed for centuries, but this show was different. Yes they said she was a zombie, but she definitely did not act like what we think of when someone says zombie. BUT they did insert bits of lore about her condition that would suggest it’s more than she turned into a zombie. So they use the word zombie because it’s the only word they know that describes best her condition, but it might be something more complex.

At first I thought every episode would just be her killing someone new to feed and that would be that. But way more happened and I’m super happy about it. She did need to kill someone more often than I liked (I hate the sound of her biting into flesh haha), but it wasn’t the main focus of the story. While she was just trying to live her new life the way she wanted, her husband wanted her to calm her impulses so as to not attract attention to them. While she was doing that, he was traveling to many places to figure out what was happening to his wife. I did like the little bit of action at the end of the season, what we learned and how it ended. There’s no confirmation on a second season to my knowledge, but I’m really hoping Netflix is going to do another one. They did end on a note that didn’t necessarily feel like a cliffhanger, so if the series ended there it would be fine. But story wise, there’s still so much they could do and still so much we could learn about her condition. We sort of know what she has, but we don’t know why it happened to her. Overall, I enjoyed this season and I am hoping there will be a second one.


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