Why I was in pain

I mentionned here that my legs hurt to the point where I couldn’t walk sometimes, well I learned why! I had tendinitis in both of my thighs. I had no idea this could happen! I saw a physiotherapist that told me the reason why this happened. My ass was too weak! It’s so crazy that my legs were hurting because my ass was too weak. She explained that since you need to balance on one leg when you run, even if it’s for such a short amount of time that you don’t even notice it, if your ass is too weak to support that weight, your thighs are going to compensate and that’s why I got tendinitis. My legs needed to compensate for what my ass couldn’t do, so they got overworked and eventually couldn’t take it anymore. The physiotherapist gave me some leg and ass exercises to do to fix my problem and it did!

Once I could walk without being in pain and once she made sure I got some strenght back in my ass, she gave me a running program to follow to slowly get back into running without hurting my legs. Here it is:

Workout plan

The ones that are highlighted are the ones that I’ve done. As you can see I’m in my third week. I have a long way to go, it’s a bit annoying that I have to start over when I used to be able to run almost 30 minutes non stop, but it’s for the best. Tomorrow I’ll share my weight, measures and some pictures. I feel really insecure sharing pictures of my belly, so they are going to be pictures with a shirt on, but I feel like I have to share them to really make it through this weight loss journey. You guys will be able to hold me accountable.


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