The Beginning

Yesterday marked the beginning of my weight loss journey. Last week was a test run to see if I could physically run three times a week, and I did. And it felt so good. Getting back into running, even if it’s at such a slow pace, feels so good. I know I’ll need to find something to fill the days that I’m not running if I really want to lose proper weight because running only three times a week won’t do much, but it’s a start. A start that I can manage. Once I get used to this rythm, I’ll try adding some other type of workout on the days that I don’t run.

I want to do a weekly summary on here. Every week, I want to share how many calories I burned, how many minutes of workout I did, if I managed to do anything extra. The one thing I won’t be sharing every week is my weight. I probably won’t be weighing myself every week because that’s just going to be depressing. So for the weight, it’ll be a monthly check up. For the measurements, I’m not sure how many times I’ll share them, I’ll probably take them every month, but only share if they’ve changed.

So to start this month, here are my before pictures (with clothes on, since I’m really not comfortable sharing this, it’s already super hard for me to share these pictures) and my measurements:

  • Weight: 170.6 lbs
  • Thigh: 27 in.
  • Hips: 44.5 in.
  • Belly (I think it’s supposed to be waist, I’m not sure. I measured where my belly button is): 42 in.



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