The Controversy behind 13 Reasons Why

When 13 Reasons Why came out on Netflix, I was interested to watch the series. By the time I got around to watch it, I had been told it was super intense and that it would mess with my mind. I even got some people telling me not to watch it because of how intense it is. Of course, knowing me, I just got more and more curious about the show, so I watched it. I watched the whole series in two days.

I started on Monday of this week and finished yesterday. At first, the show was pretty normal. The only outrageous thing I could see was the fact that this guy was listening to a dead girl’s tapes. Other than that, everything that was going on seemed pretty normal for a show based in a highschool. Then came tape 5. From then on, you need to have a strong heart to keep watching. The subjects that it touches are very sensitive for some people. For me, it made me cry, of course, but it didn’t affect me that much. And the ending of the show is just perfect.

Some people are really worried it romanticizes suicide and that teenagers will commit suicide after watching this show. Honestly, I think it depends on the mindset of the person watching. For me, it just showed me what can happen, and does happen in some schools. It just showed me how we need to be more carefull about these things. For me, this show teaches a lesson on treating people better because you don’t know what’s going on in their heads and their lives. I do understand, however, how it could look in the eyes of someone with a different mindset. Someone that is being bullied and that already feels lost could watch this show and find justification in commiting suicide. There are always at least two sides to a story.

Also, something that I think adds to the intense aspect is the fact that we see everything. There are rape scenes and the camera doesn’t cut or shy away. We see everything happening. We also see when she commits suicide. The camera doesn’t zoom in on her face while she does the act, it shows her cutting herself. We see the blade going in her skin and everything. I do think they could’ve avoided those parts and not showed so much, but it’s also what makes this show so good.

I do think that if a teenager wants to watch this show, they should watch it with their parents. That way, it could bring discussions about everything that’s touched in the show. It could help someone that doesn’t get bullied understand what it’s like and it could bring them to help someone that get’s bullied in school. It could show bullies what happens in the minds of the people they bully. I’m not saying every person that gets bullied is going to commit suicide. I’m saying that it could show how a simple act messes with someone’s head. You might think what you did is little, but pilled up with everything else that’s going on in that person’s life that you don’t know about, it could be the act that sends them over the edge. It could also show someone that is being bullied that there may be another side to something that happened that made them feel awfull. Maybe it’s going to bring them to talk to the person and find out the person didn’t mean any harm in what they did.

This show, used in the right way, could be such a wonderfull message to teenagers. Parents just need to pay attention to how they react to it and discuss it.


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