E3 2017 Schedule

E3 is officialy starting on the 13th, but, of course, the big companies scheduled their press conferences before that. Here are the main conferences I’ll be watching and reporting back here. I’ll try to watch the other announcements, but I might not report back here on them. It depends on what they announce I guess. We’ll see!

EA press conference -> June 10th at 12p.m. PDT
Microsoft press conference -> June 11th at 2p.m. PDT
Bethesda press conference -> June 11th at 9p.m. PDT
Ubisoft press conference -> June 12th at 1p.m. PDT
Sony press conference -> June 12th at 6p.m. PDT
Nintendo press conference -> June 13th at 9a.m. PDT

I’m very excited to see what will be announced this year and what information we’ll have on previously announced games. Hopefully we’ll get more information on Kingdom Hearts III and Death Stranding!

You can check out the full schedule here


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