EA Press Conference – E3 2017

I will link to each game’s trailer. So if you want to watch them, just click on the name of the game.

The conference started off with a trailer for Madden 18 – Longshot. Then came Andrew Wilson, CEO at EA. He showed a trailer of Battlefield 1, then left the stage. Andrew Gulotta, producer for Battlefield 1, showed some footage of youtubers talking about and playing Battlefield 1. He then talked about new things coming to the game, including night maps and the expansion In the Name of the Tsar. This expansion will bring you to the biggest front with the Russian army with 6 new maps in winter and women’s battalion of death amongst other things.

Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President, came on stage to talk about a new competitive experience that will be coming later this year. He introduced FIFA 18 before the Men in Blazers came on stage to talk some more about the game. They then talked a whole lot about Alex Hunter and showed some footage of him in FIFA 18.

The camera then pointed to Jesse Wellens, a youtube creator, to talk about Need for Speed Payback. He was extremely awkward and seemed to be wondering what he was doing there, until Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer for Need for Speed, showed up and showed a trailer for the game.

Patrick Söderlund came back on stage to introduce their new EA Original, made by the same guy that did Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out. After the trailer, Josef Fares, Founder of Hazelight, came on stage to talk about the game. It is a co-op game that you can play online and split screen. It is recommended to play split screen for the full experience. He showed a gameplay trailer and talked about how you can approach tasks in different ways depending on which character takes care of things. Also, while one play can be controled, the other player could be in a cut scene at the same time.

Patrick Söderlund introduced Seed, their new small team researching new extraordinary experiences. He also talked about how they were fascinated at the quality of the graphics when they worked with the Project Scorpio from Microsoft. He also introduced their new IP from Bioware, Anthem. There will be a full reveal of this game at the Xbox E3 Briefing.

Sean O’Brien, Executive Producer, introduced NBA Live 18. Then Stephen Gibbons, Community Manager, and Connor Dougan, Gameplay Director, showed some gameplay before Sean O’Brien announced that the free demo would be coming in August and the progress will carry to the full game. The new concept of The One was also introduced.

Andrew Wilson came back on stage briefly to talk about all the money they gave to charity thanks to the community. To thank the community, Origin Access and the vault in EA Access will be free this week starting today. Next came a good half hour of only Star Wars Battlefront II.

Janina Gavankar, Commander Iden Versio in the game, came on stage to talk about Star Wars Battlefront II. There will be a story mode with a new untold story that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It will have 3x more content than the first game. You will be able to play multiplayer on your couch (split screen), all three eras will be in the game and they introduce different classes with different abilities and weapons. Finn and Phasma will be available to play in the first season of free content this holiday. All post launch content will be free. They then showed a 20 vs. 20 live match.



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