Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

So… As soon as I said I would do this weekly weight loss journey summary thing to make sure I stay on track, I bail. I’ve been MIA for two weeks. BUT I have excuses. During the week of June 11th, I was PMSing really bad. And as much as I’ve learned to deal with my mood swings from depression, I still haven’t learned to deal with it on top of PMSing. So my emotions were so all over the place that I barely worked out. I managed to do two workouts, but it took everything for me to get off my ass. The one that I didn’t do was Friday the 17th. And that’s the day that effed up the second week. I got a call from my dad in the morning. He told me that my grandmother had died during the night. Cardiac arrest. So on top of trying to control my PMS/Depression mood swings, I now had to deal with this news. I just shut down. I was so numb that the news really sunk in on Sunday and I spent the whole day feeling awefull and crying. I spent the rest of the week trying to get back to a normal state. I made myself stream every day still to get my mind off of it all, but I only managed to get myself to work out on Wednesday. I didn’t workout on Friday because it was a national holiday and my SO and my son were home and it’s hard to workout when they’re home. So here you go! That’s why I’ve been MIA for so long. I’m JUST starting to feel “normal” again. I just have to push myself to get back into my routine and everything will be better. With that said, here’s where I’m at in my program:

Workout planNow. If you payed attention to what I wrote above, you’ll notice there are more workouts highlited than the number I mentionned. On Week 4, I did the 12X on Monday 12th, and then on Wednesday, I was supposed to do 13X but I accidentaly did 15X. So in my mind, since I was able to do the 15X, it was as if I had done 13X and 14X so I just skipped them. Then last week when I was able to push myself to workout on Wednesday, I did Week 5 3X. And now today, I did the 4X. Now I don’t want to redo the scheduling which  means that I’ll be working out 4 times this week instead of 3. If I don’t manage to be able to do that, I’ll just redo the scheduling. But I’m aiming to do the 5X tomorrow, 6X Wednesday and 7X Friday. We’ll see what happens. Here my stats:

Week 4 – 12X(June 12th) : 225 calories burned
Week 5 – 15X(June 14th) : 255 calories burned
Week 5 – 3X(June  21st) : 127 calories burned
Walking(June 25th) : 112 calories burned
Week 5 – 4X(June 26th) : 155 calories burned

Since I’m technically training for a 5K in October, I also need to up my time. Since I’m already running gradually more and more, I thought I could also gradually increase my running speed. Since I’m on a treadmill, it’ll be easy to keep track of. So for the exercises where I was doing 1 min run/1min walk, I was going 4MPH (6.4KM/H) and now I’ll be going 4.5MPH (7.2KM/H). I don’t know at what speed I’ll stop, that’s going to be a future reasearch.

Also, if I actually want to lose weight, I can’t just workout. I need to check what I eat. I saw a calorie target calculation on a facebook page that was taken from the 21 day fix book, so I’ll be basing my calorie target on this. Here’s the calculation:

Calories baseline = current weight(lb) x 11
170.6 x 11 = 1 876. 6
Calorie needs = baseline + 400
1 876.6 + 400 = 2 276.6
Calorie target = needs – 750
2 276.6 – 750 = 1 526.6

So to actually lose weight, I need to make sure I stay under 1 526.6 calories a day. Wish me luck!



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