Weight Loss Journey – Week 8

My first week back from vacation went good. It could have gone better, but considering I’m easing back into things, it went well. I worked out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday because my scheduling on Monday was a bit of a mess. Here’s my stats for the week:

Workout plan

Format: Calorie target – Calories gained + Calories burned = Remaining calories

Tuesday(July 25th): 1 526 – 1 510 + 182 = 198
Wednesday(July 26th): 1 526 – 1357 = 169
Thursday(July 27th): 1 526 – 1 279 + 210 = 457 (I think I missed writing down something I ate that day. Not sure)
Friday(July 28th): I forgot to write down the calories gained
Saturday(July 29th): Didn’t write down the calories again, but I burned 316 calories from the workout.

Total calories I need to burn in a week: 1 625.4 calories
What I burned: 708 calories

I’m still far from the calories burned goal, but at least I did all my planned workouts! I’m not sure how this week will go because the babysitter is on vacation so I have my son with me all day. I’ll see if I can workout during the evening. I’ll figure it out!


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