Weight Loss Journey – Week 9

I just realized that my week count for my weight loss journey is completely off since I skipped so many! I’m going to do a clean-up of that after I post this update.

So for this update, you probably guessed it, I have no workouts to record. Last week was a mess of a week. First off, I had my son at home with me since the babysitter was on vacation and I could not for the life of me find time to workout. I was exhausted and I had a lot of cleaning to do since I wasn’t alone all day like usual.

On top of that, I learned that my father has multiple sclerosis. A couple of months ago he got really sick and half of his face was suddenly numb. When he got to the hospital, they gave him some cortisone shots and the numbness cleared up. He also started feeling better a bit. They gave him pills to help get through the days and did some tests. They suspected it was multiple sclerosis but since the symptoms had vanished so fast after the cortisone shots they weren’t sure. He got the results last week. It was comfirmed that he has multiple sclerosis and it actually got worse since when he got the first symptoms. He had been feeling better though, so I don’t quite understand how it got worse, but it did.

So yeah… Let’s just say that after getting this news and having to take care of my son all day, I definitely did not feel any energy or motivation to workout.

Now. The reason why I didn’t write this update on Monday like I usualy do is because I was stressing a bunch about an exam I had today. It was a huge exam that I absolutely need to pass if I want my college diploma and I was way too stressed out to focus on writing anything. Now that I’ve done it this morning, I’m a bit better. I just have to wait for the results, which could take like 2-3 months. I did, however, still workout on Monday and plan to workout today too, so that’s good! I’m not sure I’ll be able to workout on Friday and the Monday after because I’ll be visiting my mom, but I’ll do my best!


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