Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories // Review


I finally found the time to get my thoughts together to write a review about this game. It’s been a while since I played it, but I haven’t actually finished it. The reason for this is, I hate the fight mechanics.

This game is set right after the first Kingdom Hearts game. We have Sora, Donald and Goofy looking for Riku and King Mickey. They find themselves inside a castle and that’s where their journey begins. What I do like about this game is the fact that after you finish Sora’s journey, you get to play Riku’s side of the story. I didn’t get to that though.

The concept of this game is that you get cards created from your memories that bring you into worlds we’ve visited in the first game. Going from world to world enables the gang to go up levels inside the castle. So far, so good. But the thing that annoyed me the most was the fight mechanics. You fight with cards. You have a certain amount of cards to attack the enemies and when you run out of cards you have to charge up to get them back. But the more times you charge up, the more time it takes to get your cards back. Also, certain cards have a certain amount of time they can come back. That means that after a certain amount of charges, you can end up still in a fight but with no cards so no possibility of fighting back.

It’s such a hard mechanic to get used to and I did go through a good portion of the game and I never got used to it. I just got to a point where the bosses were too hard for me to beat with the card mechanic, so I abandoned. I have absolutely no idea why they decided to do the game like this, but I definitely did not enjoy it. I ended up watching the cutscenes on youtube to at least be able to get the story of the game. This game doesn’t really advance Sora’s story, but it does advance Riku’s story and we get little hints at the end.

Overall, the story is pretty interesting, but I suggest you do like me and find the cutscenes on youtube instead of playing the game yourself. Unless you like the fight mechanic, it’s not worth it.


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