Weight Loss Journey – Week 12

Last week was my first week back in school and I’m proud to announce that I still did my three workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! On Monday, I tried to do 9x (2 min run/2 min walk) but did not succeed. I did it completely, but with two breaks. I did it again on Wednesday and finally made it through! On Friday, I did the last workout of Week 7 of the plan and successfuly finished it without breaks. Here’s where I’m at:

Workout plan


Monday (9x): 288 calories burned
Wednesday (9x): 290 calories burned
Friday (10x): 318 calories burned
Total: 896 calories burned

Goal: 1 625.4 calories
Difference: -730.4




I completely forgot to count the calories. I don’t think I’m going to keep counting them, it’s so complicated counting every portion of everything I put in my food. I’m just going to keep being careful of what I eat and see where it leads me.

I’m still no where near the goal of burned calories per week, but I don’t think I’m going to get close to that until the end of the plan and until I add workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. I might try to add one this week, we’ll see how it fits in my schedule.


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